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The Recipe

The Recipe 

Pastry Crust 

1 ½ Cups All Purpose Flour
½ tsp. Salt
½ Cup Shortening
3 Tbs. Cold Water 

My two favorite things to do are Photography and cooking, so I always find parallels between them. So go with me on this lesson  Continue reading »

Shooting the Telephoto Landscape

In my complete portfolio I have just over 3,000 images. Of them, 1,800 were shot with a wide-angle lens between 16 – 24mm. Like most Landscape photographers, a wide-angle lens is my weapon of choice. I love the look of it, I love shooting big sky.

But, the other side is, just over 500 images were shot with a 70-200mm Telephoto zoom. There is a place for a telephoto lens in the landscape photographer’s bag.

So why do we choose different lenses and what are some of the reason and difficulties using a telephoto lens for Landscapes.

We choose lenses of different focal lengths for two primary reasons: Magnification – We want to frame our subject in a certain way in the image and we use different focal length to put that subject at the size in the frame we desire. Secondly, Perspective: What else do we want to present in that image around our subject, what is the field of view we want. Continue reading »

My Duty as a Photographer

In one weeks time I was reminded three times what one of my roles is as a photographer. 

My first role is to make beautiful, interesting and compelling images that people would like to purchase and hang on their walls. Simple as that, I’m hopefully creating art and selling it as a business. 

My second role – that I was reminded of this week – is as a documentarian. To preserve in photographs what once was. 

I was first reminded of it in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the destruction it caused all along the East Coast. Especially in my home state ofNew Jerseyand in particular the shore town ofSeasideHeights. The boardwalk and the ocean piers were all destroyed. 

The Seaside Heights Boardwalk as it was


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