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onOne Perfect B & W

onOne Perfect B & W 

Black and White is HOT right now. It’s gained back some of the popularity it had when I was shooting film with a lot of new photographers discovering the beauty of it. Even if they may not know or remember the smell, feel and nuances of Darkroom development of Black & White, they are loving the look of it in their digital images. 

But a lot of people new to Black & White conversions are very confused by the multitudes of ways to convert their color images to Monotone in their editing software of choice. So many are turning to Third party plug-in software to help and simplify that process. With those plug-ins having many presets it makes it easy for people unfamiliar with the process to quickly find a style and look they desire. It could be accomplished traditionally in Photoshop or Lightroom but it tends to take a lot of experience, time and learning. 

So I thought I would look this week at a recent new release in onOne’s very popular Perfect Photo Suite 7.1; onOne’s Perfect B & W 

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