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New from ON1 – Resize 2017 – Special pricing

Introducing from ON1 Software – Resize 2017

With most people just posting their images on social media these days, the actual need for large Mega-pixel files might seem that great. Bit the truth is, people still want to hang Photographic Artwork on thier walls. Gone are the days fo 8 x 10 framed prints. People want big REALLY BIG. I know in my print sales the majority of prints I sell are 20 x 30″ or larger and I sell a LOT of 60″ wide prints. I’ve even sold wall size prints that measured 8′ x 12′! Now for some of them I have done multi image combined high resolution (100MP+) images so that I have the printer resolution needed. For fine art quality sometinmes this means 300ppi, but at the very least you will need 1o0ppi so some of your single images, especially those you shot a few years back, may not have the image resolution needed to print in the size you OR your custimer desires and we can’t always get out and reshoot a seen in high resolution.

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Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac AND PC available for pre-order

Airora 2018 Pre-orderThe folks over at Macphun Software have the new version of the HR Editing program Aurora HDR 2018 available to ship September 28th but you cam pre-order it starting TODAY

The great news for all of you Windows  PC users is that it is now compatible with YOUR operating system!

Here’s what is coming:

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