The Equipment

You don’t need to have the equipment I use to do HDRI. There are a number of great cameras and lenses from all the major manufacturers that work great. And remember, It’s not the Hammer…

But from time to time people  ask what I do use so here is the short list


Canon EOS 6D MK II

Great full frame at an inexpensive price

Some of my older shots were shot with a Canon 20D, 5D and 6D


Canon 17-40L 4.0 My go-to lens for most of my Landscapes and HDR’s

Canon 24-105L 4.0 IS Really a great walk-around lens, super sharp and a great range. I use this lens a lot for my street work

Canon 70-200 L 4.0 ( Non IS) Love this lens, not as acclaimed as it’s 2.8 IS brother, this lens actually with the right light is just as sharp and much easier to carry and shoot with. It’s the best bargain of all Canon L Lenses. I shoot Concerts with this, and believe it or not some HDR Landscapes ( see “Fire on the Mountain“)

Canon 85mm 1.8 Great Portrait and Concert lens for a inexpensive price

IRIX 15mm 2.4 Firefly  Great super wide angle  lens. I use for Big sky landscapes and mostly for Astrophotography


Memory cards…luv me some Sandisk Extremes worth it just for the Rescue Pro recovery software is a Gotta Have

Vello ShutterBoss remote release a must have

Oben Carbon Fiber Tripod with a Swiss-Arca Z1 quick release head

To slow my shutter speeds for silkening water I use a B & W .9 Neutral Density filter Make sure you get one in the right diameter to fit your lens.

For even longer exposures I have a Lee Big Stopper

In spite of doing HDR, I still use Graduated Neutral Density Filters, In fact I have used both  Grad ND’s  AND HDR, Kinda Cool I use a Cokin Z-Pro Filter Holder

I have Various Lee Grad ND’s and a Reverse 3 stop ND Grad from Formatt-Hitech


iMacs all the way

Software ( In addition to HDR software)

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC