Are your Lightroom Plug-ins Keeping your Color Space?

Are your  Lightroom Plug-ins in your Color Space?

I came across s this other day and thought if it happened to me surely it happened to others.

We have Working Color Spaces for our image; sRGB, Adobe RGB,  ProPhoto RGB. Everyone has their preferences and this article won’t delve into which you should use. A problem comes when you install Plug-ins from different manufacturers,(Nik, Topaz, Macphun etc) when they install they may not install with the Color space you desire and you may not even know this is happening. For a lot of people this may not even matter but if you are s stickler like I am for Color Management, it’s very important.

So here is how to check it in Lightroom for all the Plug-in

In Lightroom go to your preferences ( In Mac it’s cmd+,) and then go to the “External Editing” tab. While you are there you can check that if you have Photoshop also, that the Edit In settings are how you want for that are correct.

Lightroom Edit In Preferences

Lightroom Edit In Preferences

Underneath that is “Additional External Editor” settings. Here you will find in the drop-down all your plug-in (if some are not there you can add them here also)

So go through each and every Plug-in preset and make sure the settings for

  • File Format
  • Color Space
  • Bit Depth
  • Resolution
  • Compression

Are all set correctly

Now Lightroom is a little funny to make sure these new settings or any changes you make sticky.

Lightroom Edit In Prefernences

Lightroom Edit In Preferences Set

Once you make the changes you want you have to drop down the preset list again and down the bottom, click Update Preset XXXXX (XXXXX being the name of the preset). If you don’t do this the changes you make will not stick to that preset

This way you can keep a consistent color workflow throughout and in all other Editing Programs such as Photoshop. People don’t always check the colorspace of their file and just make assumptions it stayed the same.

A good thing to do, if you have Photoshop, is to make sure in your Color Settings (Edit> Color Settings) Is to make sure all the check boxes are checked for Ask When Opening for:

Photoshop Color Settings

Photoshop Color Settings

  • Profile Mismatches
  • Missing Profiles
  • Ask When Pasting

This way Photoshop will warn you if a Color Profile is other then your Photoshop Working space. Its how I found out Lightroom Plug-ins were not what I wanted.

Hope that helps,



  1. Peter August 25, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

    I’m not sure if it is a Plug-in Problem or a Light-room Problem. What I suspect it is, that sRGB is the Lightroomdefault and not every plug-in maker has it set to anything but the default. I know onOne does make it change to a different Preset condition. But most other plug-in makers default to sRGB and 240ppi which again I think is the Lightroomm Default. In other-words Nik isn’t telling it to make it sRGB, it’s not telling it anything

  2. Martin August 27, 2014 at 11:36 pm #

    Thanks, Peter. I think I came across this a while ago (LR3?), but have long since forgotten about it. Will be checking these out prior to my next darkroom session.