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Have you ever been on the fence about what new lens or camera you want?

Or getting a chance to shoot something special but you don’t have the right lens for it and don’t want to put out $4,000 for a lens you only need for a couple of days.

Your best bet in both these cases is to rent the equipment.  And is just the right place.

In most cases top shelf glass costs $1200 and up. So if you are faced with the decision if this would be the right lens for you and not a total waste of  thousands of dollars you would have to resell at a loss, it’s probably a good idea to test drive that lens for a couple of days before you pull the shutter on that major purchase.

I know I am waiting for my next Photo shoot at a great location to rent the Zeiss 18mm Distagon Wide angle lens. I’ve been lusting after this lens for a while now and the 3 day rental is so reasonable it will cost me less than gas to the location has available for rent: Lenses, Cameras, Speedlights, Studio Lights, Radio Triggers, Lightmeters, video equipment. You name it photographically and they probably rent it. 

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  1. Duane November 16, 2011 at 7:07 am #

    You know, I have known about this place and only thought about them as a Lens rental store. They have more then just lens. I have been thinking about getting some lighting equipment after the first of the year and this is a great way to test out some equipment before I pull the trigger to buy. Thanks for this post because I would not have know this about them.

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