Exciting new Photo Editor from Topaz Labs and it’s Free!

Topaz Labs StudioExciting new Photo Editor from Topaz Labs and it’s Free!

Topaz Labs this week launched Topaz Labs Studio a full featured editor for your photos including many preset and editable filter effects and also as a host program for all your Topaz Labs Plug-ins, existing and future. Not only is it feature packed but it’s available at the best price…Free.

It has 24 Adjustment modules, all of which are active,10 are free and fully adjustable (the other 14 are active but full adjustability, if desired, are available separately or in pacs at additional cost) Along with that are 290 Preset Effects that are adjustable to taste, you can make your own presets and also share them in the community with others and pickup some of their shared effects also.

It is available in both Windows AND  Mac Os.

Topaz Labs Studio is also a RAW processor with 100’s of cameras available with more added as they become available

For existing users of Topaz Labs PlugIns like Adjust,Clarity, Simplify or any of the other 13 great Topaz Labs Plug-ins. This is a real boon especially since the plug-ins require a host program to operate and you don’t want to be tied down to a monthly subscription editing software, this is your answer. All plug-ins work in addition to the adjustments and filters already in Studio

For thise of you that are looking for a simple to operate editing system that is lightweight and fast PLUS offers you tons of filters that are at a push of a button that you maybe already used to using on your favorite social media sharing platform. Studio can give you that ease with MUCH more powerful filters…at no cost

Studio is set-up in what is  now the standard editing configuration so that makes it easy to adapt to and you’ll  find what you need when cuz it’s where things usually are. Image preview center, Adjustment panels right, Filter presets left

Topaz Labs Studio allows for Layers and Masking (layers are not savable presently), You can Brush the layer or use; spot, grads, color masks and luminocity masks.

One tiny feature I like is that not only can you see a Histogram but there are also graphs for HSL and Detail, just my Geekness coming out.

Here is a look at the Studio Panel with an Image I was working on and I’ll also show the before and after for that image that was created in just minutes using the Filter “Hall of Dehaze” and then a few adjustments to exposure,highlights and shadows and a color adjustment

Before and After

Topaz Labs Studio


Topaz Labs Studio


Topaz Labs Studio is now available for Download  for free, all you need to do is register at the Topaz Labs Studio Website and start editing. Download Here

I hope you’ll give Topaz Labs Studio a go and you enjoy it as I did. You surely cannot beat the price.

Topaz Labs Studio



  1. Denise August 28, 2017 at 1:44 am #

    Hi, this looks interesting, is this pricing still in effect?

  2. Adriana Vectora February 9, 2018 at 9:55 pm #

    good information, it seems we can use to edit photos to be more interesting and nice views