How Viewpoint changes an Image

in Photography and art, often times our Viewpoint can change the look and what our photograph says completely.

Viewpoint is “Where we view our subject from” and in Art it is not synonymous with Perspective, although it is used that way in common use. Perspective is the relationship of one object to another to show depth as I discussed in my last article: Why we use different lenses and why we move 

These two images shot in the Mojave Desert of a dry lake bed illustrate this point and I hope you can get the different “Feel” that these two images portray (Click mages to enlarge)

This one was shot at Normal Standing/Tripod height and it gives the view the normal view of standing there looking out upon the landscape

Traditional Viewpoint

Traditional Viewpoint

This next one was shot from a low Viewpoint – Literally on the ground – I was kinda famous for these type of shot that were known as my “Shoe Shots” since I often balance my camera on my shoe so my camera wasn’t damaged or my “Groundup” photos. Notice how it changes the feel of the image completely and exaggerates the surface of the lakebed.

Lower Ground Up Viewpoin

Lower Ground Up Viewpoint

Now there is no, “Correct” viewpoint. It’s all about YOUR artistic vision and what you want the image to say. The top image may talk more about the desolate nature of the desert. The second may tell you to look closeup in the desert to see what isn’t instantly apparent and may be interesting.

Hope that helps,