New From Topaz Labs Impressions 2

Topaz Impressions 2Our friends over at Topaz Labs announced today an update to their popular Impressions program to Impression 2!

Impressions is a plug in filter that allows you to take your photographs and stylize them as Paintings- Brushstrokes to Canvas. Sometimes I find this look just fits certain ones of my photograph that feel to me painterly in the first place, Impressions 2 allows me to take it to the next level. It’s really a lot of fun and makes some beautiful images.

If you’re already familiar with Impression, the updated release of Impression 2, gives you more powerful processing with a completely redesigned framework and the following additional features:

• 30+ New effects – Impression 2 now comes with over 140 effects!
• Larger Brush Panel – no more squinting to find the brush you need.
• Masking – Impression 2 now includes masking in application! Using a brush, color range, luminosity range, or spot masking, the masking panel even includes our color aware tool.
• Topaz Community – now you can share your created effects with the other users of Impression 2 with a click of a button. Not seeing an effect you like? Browse the Topaz Community to surf an ocean of custom user made effects.
• New brush customization options:
– “Number of strokes” options to change the number of strokes applied to the image.
– “Large Brush Volume” that adjust paint volume in large areas of color to help focus on the details.
– “Stroke “Rotation Variation” to add randomness to your effect strokes.
• Highlight and Shadow control in the lighting menu.
• Support for High DPI (4k) monitors in Windows 7/8/10
…and much more.

There are some new System Requirements to Impressions so please take note of them so your install goes smoothly

There have been some compatibility changes to the program as well. Impression 2 requires Windows 7+, Mac OSX 10.9+, and a GPU with OpenGL 3.3 or higher.

Changes from Impression v1: the Mac OS requirement is now 10.9+, And OpenGL is now 3.3+

Here is an example of an Image I did that I shot at my favorite beach in La Jolla, California

Before Impressions 2

Before Impressions 2

Impressions 2 Pastels

Impressions 2 Pastels

This is a Photograph I took of Lavender Field and then using some Impressionist Strokes on it




After Impressions 2

Impression 2 will be on sale (40% off!) from June 23rd – July 7th. Please use the coupon code “2IMPRESS” and click the linked banner below to take advantage of the discounted price of $59.99 (regularly $99.99). Previous owners of Topaz Labs Impressions (V1) get a free upgrade

Topaz Impressions 2