No one wants their HDR Featured here on The HDR Image?

Feature your HDR image here!















Surely you’re sick of looking at my HDRs. Feature yours right here at the HDR Image.

No critique, Just here to show to the more than 7 people that view The HDR Image from a 12 Mile radius…

Actually we have viewers from 49 states ( For some reason Vermont hates me) and over 100 countries around the world including Botswana!

So send in your Image as I have outlined HERE and get your HDR Image seen. I’ll even link to your Photography website if you have one. Think what that will do for your Google ranking.




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  1. Patrick Monaghan February 15, 2012 at 6:54 am #

    Peter, I am NOT tired of seeing your images. They are wonderful.
    I would love to have one of my HDRs featured on your site. However, that would require me to go out and shoot something, and that just isn’t happening lately. Busy at the day job. I am planning on trying some HDR this summer in Tuscany. Hope to get some great shots, and after reading your blog, I have some idea of how to shoot for them.

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