Noiseless Pro from Macphun now available


I had a chance to test the new Noiseless Pro for Macphun Software against a lot of the competition and I can say without hesitation that it is the best Noise Reduction software on the market (Sorry Mac OS only)

The Noise reduction Algorithms used just seemed to best accomplish the goals of Noise Reductions Software:

A: Reduce Noise

B: Retain detail and clarity

Most of the current offering seems to do one or the other. Macphun Noiseless seems to be able to do both …and well.

I tested 8 different images, all providing different types of noise problems or causes  of noise. From; High ISO Noise, Long Exposure Noise, Under Exposure Noise and Editing induced Noise

I Compared the original image to Macphun Noiseless Pro plus 5 other Standalone/plug-in competitors plus 1 popular editing program. I’m going to leave those nameless because I really don’t want to embarrass those companies nor really turn this into a shootout…even if it is. Some did pretty good, some…well just not at all.

I looked at the results at 200% which really is a tough test because it is at a far higher magnification than you really need to do for both noise reduction and sharpening. My suggestion as always is that you do both of those at Print/Display actual size. However for this test it really makes the results easy to see

Although I tested 8 images I’m just going to show two examples that really show the differences and are two very tough tests of Noise reduction

The First one is a High ISO Image Portrait. This is a tough test simply because of skin and detail. We want to remove the noise yet leave detail in things like eye lashes and the center of the eyes, and we want the skin to look smooth but still with some texture and not too plasticy or with artifacts. Remember this isn’t a replacement for shooting Portraits properly with the correct light and low ISOs but rather to test the ability to “save” an image you might otherwise trash

Here is the original full image

Macphun Noiseless test

Here is the 200% Comparison Image, (Click for fullsize) It’s a large file so allow a bit

Macphun Noiseless test 1

Macphun Noiseless test 1

The next test was really a difficult one, in fact it may be the most difficult test for noise reduction… period. It an image shot with a very long exposure and no in camera noise reduction done (which can be hit or miss) The problem is not only do you have a lot of Luminance noise but you also have TONS of chrominance noise and well you may even see how many hot pixels your camera’s sensor has. This is an extreme test and no you will not end up with a perfectly detailed image there will be some smearing of detail…but none of the other competitors even could give a salvageable image. The only software that could even complete this test was Macphun Noiseless. Now is it an image I would print large and sell? Probably not, but it’s one that I would post online. The point being this is an extreme test, so image what it does when you throw something easy at it.

Once again, here is the original full image

Macphun Noiseless Example 2

Macphun Noiseless test 2

Macphun Noiseless test 2

Noiseless Pro works as a standalone product or a plug-in for both Lightroom and Photoshop

It’s interface is the pretty much now standard

It has 10 Built in Presets a that are pretty useful and of course the ability to make any adjustment changes you want and also create your own custom presets

One of my favorite things is how the Luminance noise is broken down into Coarse and Fine. The fine is great for Grain Like noise where the Coarse can work on larger noise artifacts. I like that they separate those too out so you can work on the problem at hand without using so much of the wrong type of noise reduction you loose detail

There are Structure and Detail controls to bring back to bring back some sharpness you may have lost and Filter controls to apply the noise reduction to differnent luminance areas of the image selectively , so say you only have noise in the shadows, you can bias the NR to that.

Maphun Noiseless Interface

Maphun Noiseless Interface

Maphun Noiseless Interface

Maphun Noiseless Interface

Bottom line, Macphun Noiselees, in my opinion, is the best option out there

If you would like to Try or Buy Noiseless click the link below

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