onOne Perfect Photo Suite 7.0 – Beta Preview

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 7 – Beta Preview

The good folks at onOne Software provided me with a Beta of their soon to be released Perfect Photo Suite 7, to both get a preview to give you and to give them some feedback.

For those of you unfamiliar with onOne Perfect Photo Suite 7 or the previous versions. They are a set of image software centered around onOne Perfect Layers. They center it around this software since it allows host programs that do not support layers (Lightroom, Aperture) to use layers and the vast amount of flexibility that layers afford you.

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 7 works as; A standalone or as a plug-in with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and also with Apple Aperture (check the onOne website for version compatibilities)

The Software included in the suite besides Perfect Layers 3 (new version) are:

Perfect B & W (new to the suite)
Perfect Portrait 2 (new version)
Perfect Effects 4 (new version
Perfect Resize 7.5 (new version)
Perfect Mask 5
Focus point 2

The Suite features a revised interface that is very Lightroomesqe which I find to be a good thing. As photographers these days, we use a lot of different software, so I find it comforting that all the manufacturers are going with somewhat of a standard set-up so as we move from one set of software to another we aren’t hunting for controls.

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 7.0 Interface

So we have Image Browsers and Presets left, Preview center and Controls right arranged in order of importance or frequency of use

I’ll wait for the full production version to comment on the exact working of everything and will have a full review at that time but here are just a few things that I find exciting and are new

Perfect B & W, this is a brand new program and looks to be a worthy competitor in the field of monochrome conversions. Plenty of useful presets including 30+ film styles which I found very cool and then on top of that plenty of controls so you can tweak things exactly as you like

on One Perfect B & W

Perfect Effects 4 has a new browser and search tool. With all the preset that this module has having the search bar is certainly welcome. They also made some changes to blending modes and also being able to brush in effects which I really like since sometimes I like effects but really only want them locally not globally. And speaking of that brush, it has new edge detection in it to make it much easier to apply an effect just where you want it without time wasting selection processes

Perfect Portrait 2, promises some new selection tools and controls plus faster processing. I haven’t tried it out yet because I don’t shoot many portraits but I have a portrait shoot next week so I’m sure it is going to get a workout then

Perfect Resize 7.5 has some new algorithms to do the heavy lifting and is based on image type. In initial test it seems to work faster

onOne Perfect Mask 5

Like I said, I’ll have a full review once onOne Perfect Suite 7.0 is released and I have a full production copy in my hands but this is just a few of the things that both you and I can look forward too.

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 7.0 is scheduled for release October 31st

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  1. Russ November 24, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    Hi, I have Perfect Effects 3 and it is very good. Onone do give plenty of tutorials on there site BUT (theres always a BUT) Brian Matiash who seems to do all the HDR work seems to be hung up on stylizing his HDR images I live in hope that one day he will create a natural looking landscape HDR image and leave the stylizing at home!!!

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