Readers submit your images! For Feature or Critique

There seemed to be a lot of interest in this and I think it would be fun and educational.

So I will accept images to be Highlighted once a week.

I want to break it up into Two  categories for different purposes

Feature Image

If you submit an image for a Feature Image, it is your best of the best but of course I’ll be the judge of the best of the submissions and I’ll feature what I think is an outstanding image. Doesn’t mean I don’t like you or I didn’t like your image. I just think this  one does something for me and I also think it will be enjoyed and learned from by others. I’m not going to Critique it, just give you a general Attaboy or may say why I picked it.

Critique Image

If you submit an image for critique, it may be your best of your best or it may be an image you are having a problem with. This is purely for a learning experience for yourself and others. BUT, you have to have a tough skin. I will not gloss over anything and will critique both on quality of the HDR and also the quality of photography. I will not be critiquing on artistic style.  There can be no hard feelings about it. It’s not personal.

How to submit an image

Prepare your image as such

  • Image Size: 1000 Pixels on the longest size
  • Watermarking: You may Watermark as you feel necessary but do it tastefully. If you are afraid of someone stealing your image, don’t post it on the internet.
  • Color Space: sRGB But I can fix any that aren’t
  • Exif: Keep intact, Do not use save for the web if possible

Tell me about the photo:

  • Where the image was shot
  • Camera and lens Used
  • Number of Images and stops apart
  • HDR Processing Software and any Presets you may have used.
  • Any post Processing you may have done.
  • And any short thing you may want to say about the image
  • Your Name and whether you want your full name posted or First name and last Initial

Submit your image to pt (at)   You know, put an @ where the at is. In The subject line of the E-mail say either: “Image for Feature” or “Image for Critique”

I’ll probably pick one Image a week and will decide on what day of the week to do this

OK Legal stuff: By submitting your image to me you grant me the license to post the Image on the HDR Image site. You also grant me the  right to rebroadcast that image on any Social Media that the HDR Image may use. No other License is granted nor implied. You retain the full Copyright to your image


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  1. Miguel Palaviccini October 20, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

    Awesome idea! Very excited to see what goes through … I’ll be sending one in tomorrow

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