Topaz Labs introduces DeNoise 6 and Sale

Our friends at Topaz Labs have introduced a major update to their popular DeNoise Program (Noise Reduction)

and this is really a Major Overhaul. The most important new features are:

• Standalone Application – DeNoise 6 now works as a standalone product and doesn’t require a host editor to work. Although it can still be used as a plugin through Photoshop, Lightroom, and other supported host programs.
• Camera Specific Presets – DeNoise 6 introduces dozens of presets based on various camera profiles, with multiple ISO presets for each camera.
• Batch Processing (in standalone mode only) – DeNoise 6 introduces batch processing, allowing you to process a whole folder of images at once. That means no more need for Photoshop actions! Note that batch processing is only available in the standalone version, not the plugin version.
• Support for High DPI (4k) monitors in Windows 7/8/10

For those of you not using Photoshop or Lightroom. The Standalone feature is really helpful for those that process other ways but still need to battle noise some way.  Topaz DeNoise 6 standalone ability conquers that.

My favorite feature is the new Camera Specific Presets. They have presets for a lot of the current “Hot Cameras” Now they din’t have one for my Canon 6D but I know that the sensor and the noise signiture from the Canon 5D MKIII are very similar and choosing that one got me very close in the ball park. But of course from the presets you can touch up the image yourself with a good host of controls in the right panel and you can then save that as your own user defined preset. Or simply start from Scratch, The controls are all intuitive and useful.

Now for me, the most common need I have is for Noise Reduction is with Astrophotography. Specifically Star and Milky Way shots. Now as good as camera ISO noise has become, making even SHOOTING at ISO 1600,3200 and 6400 possible. There still is a need for some amount of Noise Reduction, especially on images that are seen or printed large. What makes Star shots so difficult for a program is that it has to determine what is noise and what is simply a faint star in the sky. Believe me they both look similar.

So to test it I took an image I shot last night in the desert of an area of a town in the desert shot from high above and including a LOT of the sky (14mm lens). This is a tougher image because there is some light pollution in the sky which makes editing it more difficult cuz you can’t just raise the black level and make it look realistic

Desert Stars Original Full IMage

So I took that shot and at 200% Used the Preset for my camera first which eliminated a good amount and then slightly tweaked those settings to get a result I desired. What you want is an image that:

  • Reduces noise to almost none
  • Retains subject Matter (i.e. don’t loose faint stars)
  • Retain Detail
  • No Chunkiness to the reduced area (This looks like large pieces of noise)

And here are the results in a 200% Crop. Please Note that while most noise reductions programs have a 200% preview (as does DeNoise 6) but that may make you over-denoise an image and you may be better off  viewing results at 100% or even print Size. You want just enough noise reduction

I was very pleased with the results and find them among the best I have used. In fact it really didn’t introduce any of the Chunkiness like some of the more recent programs I have tested

Denoise 6 Before after

Denoise 6 Before after

The softness that you see in the stars in both the before AND after is the results of thier movement in a 30 Second exposure. The point it DeNoise 6 did not ADD to the softness

In the Normal Sized View, There was no noise visible what so ever and all the information and sharpness of the file remained

Desert Stars After

Desert Stars After

So whether you have noise problems from High ISO or the even more common Noise problem from over-processing an under-exposed image. Topaz Labs DeNoise 6 IS the solution. It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS

AND as usual DeNoise 6 is a free upgrade for previous version owners. But if you are not Topaz Labs makes it even easier for you to have it by offering from February 25th to March 20th a $30 OFF sale price. , now just $49.99  (Normal  $79.99) Just click through the link below and use Coupon Code: NOISEFREE



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