Why On1 is SOOO much better than Free Software

I’ve been a user of ON1 Software since I think 2007/8 when they introduced Genuine Fractals (Now Perfect Resize) and since 2010 I’ve also been a Marketer for them (FTC Truth in Ad) We have always had a good relationship but it’s one that really is gonna get better. More on that in a bit.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that a big conglomerate has been giving away Photo Editing Software for free as of late. If you don’t know, just “Google™” it. Now that software was good software developed by great people working for another great company, a good number were my friends. Great People, doing great work..well except when Mr. conglomerate came along…120 of them all lost their jobs in the acquisition.

So now, you can get that software, that well, it’s good software – if not a bit dated. But who doesn’t like free? I get it. I know I do…well kinda

But basically for free. You get… A download Button

There is:

  • No Engineering and Product Development Team to make updates or new software
  • No Sales and Marketing team to make sure the right products for you are available
  • No Education team to help you use your software to the fullest and learn new techniques to take images to the next level

You get… a button

And all that may be fine for you. But I just feel different anymore in this age. I LOVE Great companies,  I HATE seeing great people lose their jobs in  an economy such as this. I know some personally that have never recovered and some that just moved on to other fields. That makes me sad.

So what makes a Great company? Well I feel it’s one that makes great products and is there for their product…and most importantly: Listens. Listens to their customers and their marketing and sales partners

Now I know ON1 is such a company because recently, I had an idea. One that would benefit myself  but more importantly…my Readers…and you know what? They listened. Don’t worry, I’m gettin to it.

So what do you get with On1?

Well in the first place you get great software. ON1 Photo 10 is their best suite yet, packaged in an easier to use interface and one of the biggest things is; Less Resource Intensive. Which means for you a quicker more responsive system and less time watching hourglasses or spinning-balls.

But heck we should expect great software from every company, so what do we get from ON1 that we don’t get for free?

  • A full engineering and product development teams. Always looking to not only make the current software better but looking towards the future and future needs
  • A full Sales and Marketing Team, so you know though ads you see or talking to them. What’s new, what’s exciting, What you may want to add to your software needs
  • A Customer Support staff. Have a problem? There is a real group of people there ON1 Support
  • A Full Education Staff. One that is there to show you how to use every feature in On1 software including some you may never have thought of. ON1 Learn
  • LAYERS. Love your standalone Lightroom™ but wish for layers without paying a subscription or long learning curve? On1 has your Layers
  • FREE STUFF, you like free stuff? They have that too. Beside Free software, they also have Free Presets for Lightroom, Aperture and ACR. And all software has 60 Free Trials to see if it is right for you
  • Software that is both Windows™ and Mac™ OS compatible

So to me that adds up to a great company, one I want to stand behind and one that stands behind me…always

So how can I make this better? Hmmm..How about all this AND 20% off?

That’s right, On1 and I have reached an agreement that I now, through a coupon code, can offer you 20% off any of their products

So while free is nice on something well that is so 2012, I think a Discount on something that is New and Current and Fully Supported is a far better Value. And for me, keeping people in their Jobs is a big deal

To get your 20% off on ON1 Software, click the link  or the banner below  Enter Code : HDRIG16 at Check out  ON1 Software

ON1 Coupon Code


  1. Catherine Martin April 20, 2016 at 3:33 pm #

    Peter, what a great article. I have been using On1 in earnest for probably 4 years or so, but even more once Matt went to On1. He is really good and I knew he would add so much to it all there at On1. So excited about your agreement with On1. I love your photography so much – and you know all the good places close to where I live here in the desert. So I’m hoping we can get a group together and go shooting sometime. Getting hot now though – like 95-100 degrees. It can get brutal out there. 🙂

    • Peter April 20, 2016 at 4:17 pm #

      Thanks Catherine,
      As always nice to hear from you. Yep I think this is a good thing with ON1 and of course Matt helps the education department greatly.

      Yeah, maybe if you’d like to get a group together that would be fun. If we wanted to turn it into an educational that might be nice r maybe just fun is better ( I don’t know what people like). But like you say. the weather has been so perfect for the desert right up to this week which is when I usually switch gears for the coast.

      But maybe your photography buddies are interested in Shooting the Milky way which the prime months are yet to come and that might be something fun to do as it’s not bad sitting in 90º at night

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting

  2. Lauri April 21, 2016 at 10:59 am #

    Great article. I just may have to start looking into ON1 a bit more. I received Perfect Effect for FREE….and I rarely use it. Then again I’m not a huge editing person – I do the minimum to get what I want. I like to get creative though so it’s fun to play. I do love my other software and will continue to use it even though it’s no longer supported. Something to consider….more money to spend though. Thanks for the 20%!! I’ll let you know if I use it.