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Magazine Cover and HDR Article

Hot off the press!


Ijjust realized I only posted this at my other blog and not here. So for those of you that haven’t seen it OR bought it…

I have my first magazine cover on Photo Technique Magazine Sept/Oct Edition.

It’s my first cover and there is also a 6 1/2 page article by me on HDR shooting and Processing.

Special thanks to Cort Anderson for dropping my name.

My AMAZING and fun editor Wendy Erickson who besides being the best editor evah…is also a fantastic photographer.

And thanks to designer  Lisa Cordova for making me look swank.


You know, you don’t always get to have very many “Moments” in life. Things that really mean a lot to you and make you feel like you truly accomplished something. I’ve dreamed of having my image on the cover of  a magazine for a very long time. this is one of my “IT”s. I took a while to soak it in on the stand at Barnes and Noble. (which yes does carry Photo Technique)

It was a good day.

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15% off coupon code for Photomatix Pro “theHDRimage”

I’ve teamed up with the great folks at HDRsoft and can now offer you a coupon code for 15% off the regular price of Photomatix Pro software.

Just visit the HDRsoft Website choose your software and enter the coupon code: theHDRimage at checkout and you will get 15% off your purchase.

You know what I think about it, now own it for yourself

HDRsoft Introduces Photomatix Pro 4.0

HDRsoft Updated their popular HDR software Photomatix Pro to version 4.0 on September 28th.

I haven’t had time yet to play with it and compare to previous versions but a quick glance shows to be what appears to be a better preview window along with some preset thumbnails, which I’m just not crazy about presets. And what is supposed to be better noise reduction in the image combining screen. I’ve got to give it a full run through and see all the goodies.

Of course they made some changes to the screens so now that made my HDR tutorial a little dated so I will have to update the tutorial a bit. But let me give it a workout first.

To update or to download Photomatix Pro Version 4.0 go to HDRsoft