How to shoot Fireworks in 15 Seconds

How to shoot Fireworks in 15 Seconds

  1. Camera – Wide Angle lens
  2. Great Location
  3. Camera on Tripod
  4. ISO 100 or 200
  5. f/16, 15 Second exposure
  6. When you hear the mortor fire, press the shutter
  7. Have a Hot Dog
  8. Happy 4th












Edit: c/o Sport Photgrapher Dave Hahn:  “Don’t forget to pre-focus” (most likely with a wide angle you will focus at infinity AF turned off)

You can vary the Shutter Speed between 8 and 15 seconds, The longer, the more possibilities for multiple bursts being captured.

You can open the aperture up a bit if you need to expose the ambient light of the location more but for the condition I shot in and the exposure time of 15 seconds I liked the greater detail and clarity that f/16  gave. Opening up the aperture in this situation made the  background too bright because of the city lights. If it is very dark where you are shooting you may want to open up the aperture just a bit

Experimentation is the key but these are some starting points

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