Topaz Labs introduces ReStyle

ReStyle_box_clear-125x175Topaz Labs introduces ReStyle 
I’m sure most of the readers here are familiar with Tone-Mapping. Where we take a specific tone (lightness) and change it to a different tone (Lighten or darken). But what if we could instead do the same thing but with Color and Hue..In other words; Color-mapping. Taking something of a specific color or hue and changing bit to another.
Well, the good folks at Topaz Labs have brought that to you. With “Styling” apps all the rage for your Smart Phone Pics, why not take that idea to a professional level. Whether it’s a cross processed look or a dark and Smokey look to your image. Just about anything is Possible with Topaz Labs Re-Style
Here’s what Topaz Labs says about their new Re-Style
“Topaz ReStyle expands your creative vision by offering photographic styles you might never have dreamed of, or that you simply didn’t know how to create. Topaz ReStyle gives you a ton of options with over a thousand high-quality photography-centric looks to choose from.

Here’s a quick look at a couple of the unique features in Topaz ReStyle that allow you to expand and cultivate your creative vision:

Breakthrough Mapping Technology- Topaz ReStyle features cutting-edge technology that maps the color and tone statistics from a selected style to your image, in order to create high-quality transformations. Users can even create custom styles from their own images.

Over 1000 Styles/Presets- Topaz ReStyle allows you search these styles by overall style, individual colors, and keywords. For added convenience, styles are categorized by types of photography.”

At first I thought, why would I like this? But the more I played, I saw it really had some interesting effects that were easily accomplished and took the images to a different place and feel
Here are some before and afters of a few images I worked on
Topaz Labs ReStyle Topaz Labs ReStyle Topaz Labs ReStyle Topaz Labs ReStyle
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  1. June August 15, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    Please tell me is this will work on my Power Mac G5, which is not an intel computer. I have the latest operating system my computer can use: OS 10.5.8
    Please tell me if your Topaz Restyle and other Topaz programs will run on my computer before I invest in them.
    I will probably get an Intel Mac later this year when the new one comes out….

    • Peter August 15, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

      This is From Topaz Labs Support page for System requirements : MAC
      Intel-based Macs with OS 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 (Topaz is NOT compatible with PowerPC processors – like G4 or G5.)
      2 GB RAM minimum – preferably more
      Adobe Photoshop CS4-CS6 (32-bit and 64-bit), Adobe Photoshop Elements 6-11***.
      Apple Aperture 2 and 3, Lightroom 2-5, and iPhoto via Topaz Fusion Express
      photoFXlab ONLY – Video Card should support OpenGL 2.1 technology and later (A better video card will increase performance even more so than a faster computer processor.)
      ***If Photoshop Elements was bought from the Mac app store, the plugin cannot be directly copied into the plugins folder or else you will receive this message: “Cannot proceed: IPC Memory in use or image is too big for the system”. At this moment our plugins are not compatible with the Mac store’s version of PSE due to a sandboxing issue, which we are currently investigating.

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