Topaz Labs releases B & W Effects 2.1

bwbox_transparentToday Topaz Labs announced the realease of B & W Effects 2.1

As always the update is fre to anyone that owns B & W Effects

The new updates to B&W Effects 2.1 make it the most powerful and comprehensive black and white conversion software on the market. The two biggest additions are:

The Zone System Viewing Mode lets you see your image broken down into 11 zones that represent the full tonal scale going from 0 as black to 10 as white. Zones are shown in different highlight colors for easy viewing. This viewing mode helps you determine whether or not you have the full tonal range in your image and then make exposure adjustments in our conversion module to correct these tones.

The Borders feature in B&W Effects 2.1 allows you to choose from several realistic darkroom borders, with several styles including both bleeding and crisp edges. This new feature also allows you to select the size of the border.

Other new features in B&W Effects 2.1 include the apply button and new languages such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.


I had a chance toplay around with B & W Effects 2.1 pre-release and really enjoyed it. I thought the Zone System viewing was very good and may help people that don’t understand either the Zone System or even their histogram to better understand tonal range which is so important in B & W . The control in B & W effects 2.1 is great, the new Borders a nice addition and they have good and useful presets, which is not always the case. Plus it comes in at a very nice price.

To try, buy or update Topaz Labs B & W Effects 2.1 Click the Box below