Shoot Fireworks with help from Macphun Software

To get you ready for the July 4th Holiday and the fantastic Fireworks you would love to capture, Macphun Software has put together a bundle that combines a fantastic price on their Creative Kit Software (Mac Only) along with over $300 worth of extras INCLUDING a Video from PhotoFocus on just how to capture those epic Fireworks shots.

I find that once you know HOW to shoot fireworks (my Down and Dirty explanation is here) to bring out the best in them I like to use a program like Macphun Intensify CK (Mac ONLY) to bring out the crystal clear details of those shots. You may also benefit from using Noiseless CK if your camera is not the best at handling low light/long exposures. So this is the perfect time to get that software at a great price with all these bonuses: Continue reading »

New From Topaz Labs Impressions 2

Topaz Impressions 2Our friends over at Topaz Labs announced today an update to their popular Impressions program to Impression 2!

Impressions is a plug in filter that allows you to take your photographs and stylize them as Paintings- Brushstrokes to Canvas. Sometimes I find this look just fits certain ones of my photograph that feel to me painterly in the first place, Impressions 2 allows me to take it to the next level. It’s really a lot of fun and makes some beautiful images.

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ON1 Photo 10.5 only $49.99!

ON1 is offering a special promo price on their Award winning photo editing software ON1 Photo 10.5 for only $49.99 that’s $70 off their normal rate!

To take advantage of  thsi offer you must click through the banner below

Remember if you want BOTH ON1 Photo 10.5 plus the New ON1 Photo RAW, the 2 for 1 offer is also available.

Either way you can’t lose. Hurry, Limited Time, no other discounts apply.


Aurora HDR Pro offering Competitive Upgrade Pricing

Aurora HDR Pro offering Competitive Upgrade Pricing

From now until Jul 31st, Aurora HDR Pro from Macphun and Trey Ratcliff are offering a Competitive Upgrade from your current HDR program to Aurora HDR Pro for a great price of $79.99  ($20 off!) plus they give you a bunch of extra bonuses with the offer.

  • Exclusive live webinar with Trey Ratcliff

  • *Special Competitive upgrade price: $79.99 $20 Savings

  • 20 Minute Deep Dive Aurora HDR tutorial with Trey

  • Jeff Carlson HDR ebook

  • A collection of full resolution textures from Flypaper textures

  • How to HDR with Matt Suess

Note *competitive upgrade pricing requires screenshot of your existing HDR app to qualify

To take advantage of this offer just click the banner to the right.

Don’t pass up this great savings!

ON1 2 for 1 deal you can’t pass up

Our friends are offering a fantastic deal you have to take advantage of while it last.

First off you get the award winning ON1 Photo 10.5 Suite…that’s already a bargain.


They have added in the new ON1 RAW editor coming this fall…all for the same price of just $89.99. That’s $150 off!

The ON1 RAW converter is the first all new RAW editor in years and looks to be one of the best yet because you can add effects IN the RAW process…that’s huge

So take advantage of this great offer that last till June 30th…don’t wait

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By Starlight in ON1 Photo 10

By Star Light – Milky Way Astrophotography Composting in ON1 Photo 10  Final Composite Milky Way Image

Soooo, you know those amazing images you see of the Milky Way with that awesome foreground and the caption next to it says…Lit by Starlight. OK ehheemmm. OK sorry to break this to you but, well, They are 100% bull@#$%…Yep. Having spent many a night during a New Moon (No Moon) out in the middle of the desert. I can tell you, the stars don’t light up much. In fact you don’t really know how dark  dark is till you’ve done just that. Continue reading »

How Viewpoint changes an Image

in Photography and art, often times our Viewpoint can change the look and what our photograph says completely.

Viewpoint is “Where we view our subject from” and in Art it is not synonymous with Perspective, although it is used that way in common use. Perspective is the relationship of one object to another to show depth as I discussed in my last article: Why we use different lenses and why we move 

These two images shot in the Mojave Desert of a dry lake bed illustrate this point and I hope you can get the different “Feel” that these two images portray (Click mages to enlarge)

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Aurora HDR Pro Bonus Deal now on!

Macphun Software, the makers of Aurora HDR Pro, have brought back the Bonus Deal giving you not only the award winning Aurora HR Pro software but 2 great bonus apps, 18 presets, 25 textures and 4 extra sets of HDR brackets from the pros. For just …$89!

Here’s what you get:

  • Aurora HDR Pro + Bonuses for only $89!
  • Reflect Studio App: Add stunning reflections to your images
  • Watermark Sense App: Batch Watermark images with text and/or logos
  • Preset Pack: 18 Bonus Pro Presets
  • 25 Bonus Textures
  • 4 Sets of Professional Exposure Brackets
  • Over $100 in Savings

To take advantage of this exclusive deal. Just click the banner below and add to your cart

And remember as always you can try Aurora HDR pro free
Aurora HDR Pro Discount

Why we use different lenses and why we move

Zoom with my Feet

Zoom with my feet

Why do we have so many lenses or zoom lenses? Why do we move or not move?

I’m often surprised when I hear photographers talk about lenses and well even more surprised when I read photography blog articles about lenses and what they think “does what” when it comes to lenses and why we may choose one focal length over another. After all can’t we just “Zoom with our feet”? So why do we even have more than one lens, cuz really what would be the point? So this is a small excerpt from a larger article I had in mind to write to show; “What Does What” and why we need more than one lens and even why we may not. Continue reading »

Huge Deal, I mean HUGE from Macphun Software

Our friends over at Macphun make some pretty nifty software ( Mac OS ONLY)…I’m pretty sure I’ve worn out the “Edit in Intensify ck” Button in Lightroom
So, we know they make great software, that’s given. But  wow, now have “They got a deal for you” – Creative Kit XXL

6 Great apps + a Total of $2,000 worth of cool Photography stuff…for….wait for it….wait for it….$129…. Oh Yeah, I said… ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE DOLLARS Continue reading »

ON1 Photo 10 and Lightroom HDR

It’s no secret that Lightroom does a pretty darn good job with HDR, it makes a great NATURAL looking HDR which of course as my long time readers know, is my preferred look. But I’ve come to terms with the  fact that that is not the look everyone desires. Everyone has differing Artistic Visions and so they may want to deviate from a Natural Look to a mutitude of looks from mild to wild. The problem is besides a bit of use of the Clarity slider, there is not a lot you can do in Lightroom to push beyond Continue reading »

ON1 to Release Photo RAW this Fall!

ON1 to release Photo RAW this Fall!

This should be VERY Interesting

Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW


ON1 20% Off Coupon Code

In my last post I told you why you should have the ON1 Suite of Photo Editing Tools and this is just a BIG reminder you get my Readers get 20% off all ON1 Products

Simply click the link or the Banner Below and enter Discount Code: HDRIG16 at check out ON1 Software

ON1 Coupon Code

Why On1 is SOOO much better than Free Software

I’ve been a user of ON1 Software since I think 2007/8 when they introduced Genuine Fractals (Now Perfect Resize) and since 2010 I’ve also been a Marketer for them (FTC Truth in Ad) We have always had a good relationship but it’s one that really is gonna get better. More on that in a bit.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that a big conglomerate has been giving away Photo Editing Software for free as of late. If you don’t know, just “Google™” it. Now that software was good software developed by great people working for another great company, a good number were my friends. Great People, doing great work..well except when Mr. conglomerate came along…120 of them all lost their jobs in the acquisition. Continue reading »

Topaz Labs introduces DeNoise 6 and Sale

Our friends at Topaz Labs have introduced a major update to their popular DeNoise Program (Noise Reduction)

and this is really a Major Overhaul. The most important new features are: Continue reading »