Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

Am I fighting the good fight or…a loosing battle?


Every year at the new year I reassess myself. What I am doing, where I am heading, where the things I do are heading . So this came to my mind as I was looking through some forums seeing what others are doing, what they have questions on, what their opinions are.

Here at The HDR Image I heavily promote a style of HDR, “As the Eye Sees” It’s my interpretation of what I think HDR is for. I want my HDRs to go beyond what my camera sees and make my image look like what my eye sees and really nothing more than that. It’s a fairly realistic and natural style.  But I also know that people like  and have different styles and I am surely open to artistic intent and support that 100%. But I wanted people to know that there is another way to do things that maybe they didn’t realize COULD be done because the example put forth by most are not what I preach.

As I looked around at different forums and blogs in HDR areas, really very few were interested in my style. Most loved more outrageous styles. Or, if they didn’t, they didn’t offer an alternative, they merely said. HDRs suck.

Keeping a Blog going is based on readership. For pure HDR type websites that offer tutorials and not just images. I rank about 3rd depending on how you would rate things. My readership has risen exponentially in the past year and I am thankful for everyone of you that read me regularly. But I still lag far behind the other two. The leader, you know who he is, has readership in one day that equals half my YEAR. In a recent post he did, before the day was even through he had 120 comments while I struggle to get 1 or 2.

So my question to you is; Am I fighting the good fight to promote my vision of things or am I loosing the battle and turning people away? Do people come look and then go “Eh, that doesn’t look like “HDR” I like the other stuff and they go elsewhere. Should I do more articles on how to do Grunge or Painterly styles and give the people what they want?

Am I shooting myself in the foot? I just don’t know.